T-shirt Customizing!!


T-shirts are the best way to express yourself, your sense of humor, your opinions and what makes you unique. However it's not everyday you find a T-shirt company that has exactly what you are looking for in their pre-made design selections. Even their customization options are limited. That is why Phoenix Tees & Graphics is proud to offer a 100% truly 'customer customized' T-shirts that is more easy and affordable than you think!

Want a picture of your dog on your T-shirt with a cute or funny quote? We can do that! Want one of your own designs put on a shirt? We can do that! Do you like one of our pre-made designs but want to tweak it to make it more your style? We can do that! The options are truly limited only by your imagination. You bring the imagination and we will bring the talent to make things possible!

Basic Vector Graphic with Custom Text (Inc T-shirt) $30.95
Artwork Provided by Customer with Custom Text (Inc T-shirt) $30.95
Revising a Pre-Made Graphic (Inc T-shirt) $34.95
Custom Vectored Photo with Custom Text (Inc T-shirt) - $39.95
Custom Created Graphics From Scratch $50.00 (T-shirt extra at $24.95)

Ready to get started with a custom shirt? GREAT! Get started by emailing us with your ideas and we will take it from there!
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*prices include t-shirt sizes Small to XL only. Please inquire in your email about pricing and availability for sizes 2x-5x
*Custom Hoodies and sweatshirts are available; please inquire in your email about pricing and availability for hoodies and sweatshirts.