Apparel After Care

Like anything else, vinyl graphics require proper care too.

Most people do not realize that there is a proper and improper way to take care of your custom apparel once vinyl has been adhered to it. Below are some quick tips to help you take care of your custom apparel item.


When washing your item be sure to wash it inside out. This will prevent other materials like jeans or towels that can be a bit rougher, from rubbing against the vinyl and will stop any soap from coming in direct contact with the vinyl, which may cause discolouration in the image.

When drying your item be sure to always hang the item to dry. Heat is bad for vinyl, it could cause the vinyl to prematurely lift, crack and peel. If you must put it in a dryer, put it on a tumble dry with cool air. All of our items are safe for dry cleaning.

**Do not wash your item for at least 24 hours after the vinyl application has been done. This will give the vinyl time to set into the fabric.


If your vinyl graphic becomes wrinkled, simply lay it flat on an ironing board, place a tea towel over top of the vinyl and gently press it with a hot iron for a 15-30 seconds. Do the same thing if you notice any edges lifting off the apparel. If you are concerned that the graphic has lifted excessively please bring the item back to our store and we will re-press the item free of charge.


It is better to store your apparel hung in a closet to avoid any wrinkles or creasing in the graphic. If storing in a dresser, loosely fold the apparel in the drawer.