Community Focus

Phoenix Tees & Graphics contributes to local charities, various causes and programs, and supports our community.

We develop t-shirt campaigns by creating limited, one-of-a-kind designs for the cause and donating a portion of our proceeds. We also assist in generating interest of the cause, or event, by advertising on our social media platforms. T-shirts are just one way we help. Donating, or discounting, decals, sponsorship posters and graphics, and signage are other ways we support our community. We believe we are stronger together, and we take pride in putting 100% of our creativity and passion into helping out others in our community.

Click the links below to see some of the organizations Phoenix Tees & Graphics have supported!

Bullying Ends Here stands by those who reach out for help until we can bring an end to their bullying. Click here for more.


Orange shirt day helps support and bring awareness to the lasting effects on the Indigenous community from years of abuse in residential schools as well as to remember and honor all of the victims and survivors. In the month of September please choose to support locally owned and operated Indigenous retail stores that donate 100% of their profits from the sale of Orange Shirts to Indigenous charities and causes throughout Alberta and Canada. Click here to find an Indigenous business to support! 

Haunted Calgary is a social enterprise powered mainly by the passion of dedicated volunteers who volunteer their time so a portion of profits can be donated to local charities. Click here for more.

Bringing music people and car people together to raise funds for local charities and causes. Click here for more.